Mole and skin tag removal in Chepstow, Bristol, Newport & Cardiff

Have you got any unsightly moles, lumps, skin tags or growths on your face or body and didn’t think you could get them removed easily and quickly? Your GP or the NHS won’t remove them because it is considered cosmetic. But did you know that the majority of these can be removed painlessly with an electrosurgical unit using radiofrequency energy called a radiolase without a scalpel and without leaving any scars. Don’t get them removed by electrocautery, electrolysis, cryotherapy or freezing or lasers as these cause a lot of surrounding collateral damage and the use of a scalpel is unrefind and can not beat the finesse of radiofrequency electrosurgery which is the ultimate method for removing these lesions with the least damage to surrounding tissues – it can even safely remove skin tags off eyelids. Call 01291 628628 now for a free consultation.

Before & after pictures of radiolase mole removal

Prices from £120 inclusive. Will negotiate an overall price for multiple skin tags or moles.

(Many clinics charge a consultation fee, from £60 or more and may then charge for a biospy fee and then charge up to £300 or more to have the lump removed).

Consultations are FREE .