Botox for Excessive Sweating

Injection treatments for excessive underarm perspiration has got to be the most effective treatment for this frustrating and disabling condition.

The treatment is relatively simple involving injections of Botox into the superficial layers of the skin in the armpits where the Botox is able to switch off the signaling to the sweat glands.

We provide Botox for underarm perspiration in Chepstow, Bristol, Newport & Cardiff.

The condition

This condition is a self perpetuating problem in that once an individual has started to sweat the problem intensifies as the anxiety and anticipation causes even more sweating. It is very difficult to break this cycle but Botox provides the answer.

Botox is a quick and effective treatment for this condition. It blocks the nervous impulse to the sweat glands blocking the signals that tells the sweat gland to secrete sweat.

Unlike ineffective anti-perspirants attempting to block the sweat glands physically with sticky compounds that end up aggravating the problem further causing nasty inflammation, irritation and swelling in the armpits, Botox works and does not cause any of these unpleasant effects.

You simply cease to sweat and this reduction in sweat is dramatic – often being complete for several months and significantly reduced for more months afterwards.


How much does Botox for underarm perspiration cost?

Treatment prices are £350*

*However if the degree of sweating is severe or you have a large treatment area the costs may be greater related to the amount of Botox used. Please call for a free consultation for the problem to be assessed.