Facial Remodeling and BOTOX

Facial Remodeling

BOTOX can be used to correcting certain parts of the face such as correcting downturned corners of the mouth, to correcting gummy smiles and knobbly chins and to lifting the tip of the nose.

How does it work and what does it do

BOTOX works by blocking nerve impulses that control various structures in the body including the muscles of facial expression. BOTOX can block overactive muscular facial expressions such as in a gummy smile where the gums of the upper teeth are over exposed during smiling. Other unwanted lines such as the downturned marionette lines can be corrected and lifted by a well placed injection of BOTOX. Knobbly chins, sometimes described as a scrotal chin, can be smoothed with a number of BOTOX injections. The tip of the nose can be made to turn up to a degree creating a better nose line.

Is it suitable for me

BOTOX is suitable for either gender from the age of 30 and upwards and the results are often described as amazing.

Are there alternatives

There are other ways that the contours of different parts of the face can be treated – each has its advantages, drawbacks and limitations. BOTOX is particularly suitable for the areas mentioned above but some of those areas may also be treated with dermal fillers or with different types of collagen stimulants. There are a variety of natural and artificial dermal fillers and there are different ways in stimulating the skin to produce collagen. Surgery may be a preferable longer lasting option. To view some of the alternatives click on the words outlined in blue and follow the links. Once you have surveyed the alternatives ask to have a free consultation with the clinic doctor.

How long does it take to work and will the benefits last

Effects of the treatment begin after a day or two and reach their peak in the first week. A gradual relaxation of the muscles injected takes place within a few days and the effects can then be seen. The effects will last for many weeks with a gradual return to the pre-injection condition after some 3 months on average. Results vary amongst individuals and are only temporary. However with repeated use the effects become longer lasting and may eventually be maintained with less frequent intervals. You will need to plan for further injections depending on your long term treatment goals.

What does the procedure involve

The treatment is a relatively simple and safe procedure. Using a tiny sterile and disposable microneedle, small amounts of the product are injected precisely and directly into the desired treatment areas. The procedure takes from several minutes or so following your initial consultation with the doctor, and is carried out while on a treatment couch. There is usually very little if any evidence that you have had anything done – the tiny injection marks fade after a few minutes and may be covered with a little makeup immediately afterwards.

Is there any pain or discomfort

Because the needle is very fine the discomfort associated with the injections is minimal and local anaesthetics aren’t required although a numbing cream can be applied beforehand. Most people having it for the first time are usually surprised by how little discomfort there is.

Are there any contra-indications

The doctor will review your medical history during your initial consultation. If you are pregnant or breast feeding or have any of the following – Myasthenia gravis, Lambert-Eaton syndrome, Blood coagulation disorders such as haemophilia – you will not be eligible for this treatment.

Drug interactions can occur when BOTOX is used concomitantly with other medications. Since these medications can alter the effects of BOTOX you must ensure that your doctor is aware of any current medications you are taking, especially – Aminoglycoside antibiotics, anaesthetics and muscle relaxants.

Individuals with HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis or other contagious disease should inform the doctor beforehand.

Are there any complications or risks

BOTOX injection is generally a safe and effective treatment method and relatively free from complications or side effects especially if carried out by an experienced injector. Each year thousands of patients worldwide undergo treatments with BOTOX for both medical and cosmetic reasons and there are presently no long-term safety concerns. Nevertheless, certain side effects can occur but, like the intended treatment effects, they are mostly temporary and reversible. The following is a list of potential adverse effects (side effects):- Bruising or swelling at the injection site, less commonly – flu like symptoms, headache, skin rash or itching, allergic reactions, local muscle atrophy.

Is there any downtime from the procedure

There is usually little if any down time unless you experience any of the above complications. Most individuals can simply return to their everyday activity apart from strenuous exercising or lying down in the first 6 hours immediately after the injection procedure.