Mole & lump removal

Wednesday 11th April 2018

I first met Dr Kindy a couple of weeks ago where I attended the clinic in Chepstow, to have some moles and lumps of various sizes removed, and was reassured this could be done.

I had always thought never to bother with removal as in the past NHS doctors had issued dire warnings about scarring so this had always put me off. I had two of these on my face , one on my head, and another large one on my neck, and a few on my body.

Of course needles are never nice, but the initial sting was over quickly and there was no pain during the removal procedure itself.

The results in just two weeks were amazing -if they even stayed like this I would be happy, but am assured there will be more improvement in time. Hair is now growing through the now flat area on my head where it has never grown before, and my face looks so much better already.

I found Dr Kindy very knowlegeable, calm and reassuring and would have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.

Just wish I had known of it years ago. I was so impressed I went back yesterday and had all my others done !!

Mrs. N

“I was very pleased with the kind and patient service I received at the Chepstow Laser clinic some 3 months ago. Doctor Kindy removed two moles on my face and a rather nasty one that had turned black on my body. The results were simply brilliant, and much more comfortable. They also healed up very well. While I was there I discussed with him the fact that I had a fungal nail problem which had been going on for some seven years. I had tried Curunail, and many other herbal remedies’ to no avail. Doctor Kindy suggested that I try a course of laser treatment for four consecutive weeks running with his assistant which should remedy the problem. I was given a sheet of information about the course of treatment and another sheet on how to care for my nails while at home during the week. His assistant Jane did the treatment for me and once again was very kind and helpful. It is amazing what this laser machine can do.”

Mrs V Spykerman

“Having always had some large moles on my face I always used to look in the mirror and especially when I got all dressed up would think how ugly they were. At the time I never knew that they could be removed with a special laser by a professional doctor at a local beauty clinic so I always just lived with them. In 2010 I had the opportunity to move abroad to Israel for two years and live in a hotter climate. Due to the hotter temperatures my large mole grew small nodules on them and some turned black so I was recommended by my fathers sister to get them removed. Once I moved back to England removing my moles became a high priority so when my family became friends with George Kindy who owns the Chepstow Laser clinic in wales I decided it was the right time to have them done. At first I was very nervous as burning a mole with a laser sounds painful but I need not have been as it was all over so quickly and you get an anesthetic so you do not feel any pain. The Chepstow clinic is really beautifully designed everything is white and clean with top of the range high tech equipment so that all the latest beauty treatments are catered for. The reception area is very inviting, and with friendly staff, magazines to read it really was a pleasurable experience. The clinic is located in the centre of town with ample car parking facilities nearby. George kindy put my mind at rest he was very professional and he explained everything he was doing as he was removing the moles which was reassuring. The burning smell was soon removed by a spritzer of lavender water and I was told to put Vaseline on the treated areas so they would heal up without leaving any marks. The after care service was excellent as I was telephoned to check how everything was healing up. This treatment has changed my life as now I look in the mirror and the left hand side of my face is as smooth as the right. It has given me a feeling of looking beautiful again and I highly recommend that everyone takes this step to a mole free lifestyle!”

Melisa S

“Everything is healing nicely”
Were you pleased with the treatment?
Mole removals on my face, neck, back of head and skin tags on my neck. I had started to feel a bit self conscious with the one on my face in the middle of my forehead and the one on my neck being large and dark,
Really good. A great, friendly, welcoming clinic, with an extremely efficient service. The price quoted was fantastic and a LOT cheaper than some other clinics who make mole removal unaffordable. It’s a couple of weeks on now and they are all healing really nicely and I’m thrilled with the result. Am planning to go back for some more to be removed on my back.
Mole Removal

Jamie P