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We are a small private clinic and offer personal services – we are not part of a chain and we work for ourselves and like to take pride in what we do. We offer a variety of effective non surgical solutions to common cosmetic problems using the latest techniques and advanced dermal fillers, etc.

For details of the treatments we can provide look under the Treatments menu above. Our prices are realistic and affordable and we can negotiate to undercut our competitors prices as we have comparatively little overhead costs to cover.

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Facial Lines. It is used for the prevention and treatment of unwanted facial lines and wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Designed to plump up the skin and add volume.

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Natural dermal or skin fillers are made up components found in the human body. They are injected into or under the skin to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They are not permanent and last from some months up to 2 years or more depending on product chosen.

Lines, wrinkles and folds have different depths ranging from deep skin folds such as the lines running from the outside of the nostrils down to the angle of the mouth – the nasolabial lines – to superficial lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Lines appear with the aging process and some appear earlier in some individuals and ethnic groups than in others. Unlike Botox which prevents lines from forming by inactivating the muscles directly responsible for causing the skin to crease, dermal fillers do not inactivate the muscles of facial expression but instead fill out the lines and creases in the skin that have already formed.

The choice of filler will depend on what needs to be achieved. Fillers can be used to eradicate skin creases directly – e.g perioral lines around the mouth – or indirectly – eg by filling the mid-face and cheeks to pull back and lift folds that have formed in the lower part of the face. Fillers can also fill out defects such as an indented or pitted scar. Superficial lines can be addressed with very fine dermal fillers that are specifically made for surface lines.

Facial reshaping can be achieved in a number of ways without resorting to major surgery.

The lips, nose, cheeks, jaw line and chin can be improved using dermal fillers to change outlines or fill out hollows, curves and indentations. See the section on Facial Lines and Fillers.

Hollowed or sunken cheeks can be reversed and rejuvenated, withered or aged lips can be remodelled and rehydrated with different dermal fillers.