What is Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup otherwise known as micropigmentation is the tattooing of cosmetic makeup into the skin. Pigments are injected into the superficial dermal layer of the skin and the cosmetic effects are long lasting and won’t smudge or wash off.

Who can benefit from Permanent Makeup

Those who wish to save time and look their best in all circumstances will benefit from this procedure. Valuable hours from daily removal and reapplication can be saved every week. An individual can wake up with makeup already on, makeup that won’t come off in the shower, when swimming or working out at the gym. Eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour will remain perfectly in place and can look great 24 hours a day. Facial features that have aged can be rejuvenated. Lips can be outlined, colour can be restored, lipstick bleeding into age lines can be stopped. Loss of eyebrow hair and poor eyebrow and eyelash definition can be corrected.

Other benefits include medical uses for scar concealment, camouflage for alopecia sufferers or for hair loss following chemotherapy treatment and the creation of nipples and areolae following breast surgery.

Will it look natural

It can be made to appear natural and attractive as with conventional cosmetics. Any shade of pigment and outline can be created to suite all complexion types. An individual’s features can be better defined without it being obvious as to why.

How will I know what colour or shape to choose

Starting with a variety of basic pigment shades, virtually any colour can be produced to compliment one’s natural skin tones. An individual’s preferences together with suggestions from the practitioner will be used to custom design colours that will best suit the individual. The main decision for colour and outline will remain with the client who can draw on the line to be followed or it can be left to the practitioner if preferred. All of this can be agreed before beginning a procedure. It is recommend that less be done on the first visit as colours fade and any enhancement to colour or outline can be done on your second visit – there is no additional charge for this.

What if styles change

Styles change so anything that is too trendy should preferably be avoided. Colours can be custom blended to compliment skin tone, eye and hair colours, to give a soft and natural appearance. If required colour correction may be achieved by blending other colours over the original.

How long does it last

One should consider the process to be permanent although the tattooing doesn’t last forever and over time the colour will fade as the skin rejuvenates. Left unattended it will fade over a 2 to 5 year period. Softer neutral enhancements tend to fade faster. To keep it looking fresh the colour will need to be boosted every 12 to 18 months.

Can I still wear conventional makeup

Yes, permanent makeup is designed to enhance one’s natural features but the option of applying conventional makeup on top can be done at any time.

How long does it take to have the treatment

That will depend on what is done. Generally 1 – 2 hours will be needed for the first eyebrow or lip procedure although some treatments like an eyeliner may only require 30 minutes or so.

Do I have to prepare for the procedure

Allergy tests are routinely carried out to determine an individual’s response to the pigments used. Individuals who are prone to herpes type cold sores around the mouth will be advised to use an oral or topical prescription before any lip procedure.

Is there any pain or discomfort

Discomfort is minimal. Without local anaesthetic cream the discomfort is on par to having eyebrows plucked or legs waxed. With these creams the discomfort is significantly reduced. The tattooed areas will become inflamed somewhat but this will resolve within a day or two.

What does it look like after the treatment

For the first few days after the treatment the results will look darker and more intense. As the treated area heals and exfoliates the colours will lighten. Eyeliner procedures may leave you looking as if you have been crying until it settles down after a few days.

Why will I need a second appointment

It is better to underestimate than overestimate the treatment on the first visit. More pigment can be added later but can’t be removed so a cautious approach is better. After 4 weeks or so the injected pigment will have had time to settle down and mature and colours usually lighten in this period. At this point in time you will be able to determine how much darker or how much further you would like to go.

Are there any complications or risks

The equipment used is digitally controlled and therefore easier to produce consistent results with less trauma. Hygienic, once only, disposable consumables are used minimising any risk of infection from cross contamination. For reassurance all sterile disposable needles are opened in front of each client. Only hypoallergenic pigments that meet the European medical standards are used. An allergy test is carried out in any case before the treatment commences.

Is there any down time from the procedure

There is usually a day or more when the treated area is inflamed, crusts and then flakes. Most people are nevertheless able to carry on with little disruption to their normal domestic activities.

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