Hair Removal – Laser Hair Removal

Why choose Lasers for Hair Removal? Why choose the Chepstow Laser Clinic?
1. PERMANENT RESULTS – Laser hair removal results in a PERMANENT reduction of hair growth. Lasers literally get to the root of the problem and stop hair growing by disabling hair roots. Shaving, waxing, plucking, threading and using depilatory creams are only a temporary fix. You get permanent results with lasers.
2. QUALITY and EFFICACY – The Chepstow Laser Clinic have not stinted on expenditure and own two of the best lasers for hair removal – the Cynosure Alexandrite and the Cynosure NdYAG – these remove hair quickly and efficiently and get lasting results no matter what the colour of your skin. Cynosure Inc. is one of the two top laser companies in the world and produce one of the best laser machines for hair removal in our opinion. To see the Cynosure laser in action click on the Waiting Room Video 4 at the bottom of this page below the Microdermabrasion Video.Or alternatively you can see the same Waiting Room Video on the Home Page
Please note – many salons and clinics claim to have a laser when in fact they don’t. They instead use less expensive IPL or broad band flashlight equipment that are not lasers and are considerably less efficient. IPLs are very much less effective and cheaper than lasers and require many more treatment sessions to even begin to approach the efficacy of lasers.
3. SAFETY – The Chepstow Clinic is owned and run by a fully qualified doctor who has been certificated and trained in the use of lasers and has had over 30 years clinical experience. The clinic is registered and monitored by the Health Inspectorate of Wales and operates within the safety standards set by the Care Standards Act. Many clinics in England, if not most, are not registered.
4. PRICE – Chepstow Laser Clinic is privately owned and has low operating costs. It is able to keep costs below those of other clinics without any sacrifice on quality or service. Compare our discounted prices with those of other laser clinics.
5. CENTRAL LOCATION and ease of access. The Chepstow Laser Clinic is conveniently situated in the historic market town of Chepstow just minutes off the M48 with ample car parking facilities around the corner. Bristol, Newport and Monmouth are just 20 minutes away and Cardiff 30 minutes. Other towns such as, Hereford, Gloucester and Cheltenham are all within reasonable driving distance and worth the travelling time for the cost saving you will make.
6. OTHER LASER and popular COSMETIC TREATMENTS are also provided by Dr Kindy at the clinic and another range of treatments by his daughter Angela Kindy at the AK Salon in the same premises upstairs. Click on the following websites for more details: and

Prices: For current Price List go to – examples of prices for one treatment session – Upper lip from £34.25, upper lip and chin £68.50, underarms £60.00, bikini £64.25

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